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Welcome to The Lunatic Assylum
No, it's not misspelled. Let me explain.

lunatic: (LOO' na tik) n. 1. insane person, 2. a madman
asylum: (aSI' lem) n. 1. sanctuary, protection for one pursued 2. a place that provides sanctuary
assylum*: (ass I' lum) n1. a sanctuary for dumb asses who misspell asylum and write until their fingers bleed and their brains melt.

The building in the picture? The Peoria State Hospital for the Incurably Insane. Beautiful, right? Timothy was born in a snowdrift not far away.
The Lunatic Assylum is a sanctuary for Timothy Hurley, writer, retired physician, grump, loony. Writers and lunatics write about themselves in third person. It's a harmless custom. Feel safe here.
I am a retired physician, coast hopping between New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. My wife and I celebrated our forty-fourth wedding anniversary on the Mayan Apocalypse--and survived both. I write short fiction, humor, sci fi/fantasy/horror. The Publications page lists my publications. Books by some of my friends and fellow authors  with links to buy are on the Books page. I hope you like them.
Like all writers, I love readers, and I like hearing what readers feel about my work. I appreciate it when you tell your friends about my writing. You can email me at timothyhurley44(at)gmail(dot)com. I return all polite emails promptly.

My Amazon author page is here.

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Thanks for visiting, Reader. We're all just trying to make it through the night—and understand String Theory.

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  1. I love the wit and humor in your writing. Your stories must be fascinating.

  2. Thank you, Vashti, for the kind words and for visiting.

  3. Two sites, Doc?! There ought to be a law.

    1. Thank you for reading, Mr. Malone. Actually I think there is a law, and you should notify the authorities. I shouldn't be allowed to get away with this.

    2. I am so used to reading the other site. Now I have another to enjoy!

    3. Michelle, thanks for following me to the Google blog site. I like it so far. Easy to use and integrates nicely with G+. For now I'm going to try to keep both sites, Blogger and WordPress, if I have the energy for it. It's like there are Ford people and Chevy people. Both cars get you there.

  4. Hey doc....... Really cool..... Awaiting ur posts eagerly :)

    1. Thank you, Aswin. I appreciate the enthusiasm and will try not to disappoint.

  5. Kind sir, you work in the asylum, I live there. Could you please tell the staff that I must eat with a bowl and chopsticks. I am from China and I must prepared for being bombed back to the Stone Age, when the Diaoyu Islands get blown out of proportions. Kind sir,I trust you will relate your message to your higher ups.

    Ever so grateful,
    Koon Woon
    "paper-son" name for Locke Kau Koon

    1. Thanks for visiting paper-son, Koon Woon. Stay a while. We'll order a pizza. You can eat it with chopsticks or fold it like a New Yorker, or eat it with a knife and fork like Donald trump. The only bombing that goes on here is when I try to tell a joke.